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If you are new to the lifestyle, please check out our Lifestyle 101 classes. They’re free!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Q: What about alcohol or drugs?

A: The Phoenix does NOT allow alcohol or drugs, and has a zero-tolerance policy in effect. DO NOT bring them here. Violators will be immediately removed from the club without a refund and banned. We are VERY serious about this. Also, if someone arrives and we believe they are intoxicated or otherwise impaired, we reserve the right to deny them entry for the evening.


We reserve the right to inspect any coolers or beverage/food containers brought into the club and possibly deny certain items be brought in. We are SERIOUS about this rule. NO ALCOHOL means NO ALCOHOL. You can drink any other number of places, including at your own home.

NOTICE: If you take a beverage outside, upon reentry, the cup/container MUST BE EMPTY.

Q: Will I have to pay for towels, water, or sodas?

A: The Phoenix Club provides many refreshments for free, including water, soda, and coffee/hot tea. We have a filtered water cooler, coffee machine, and cups. We also have a small hot water kettle if you have special tea of your own that you’d like to bring and prepare here. (Please use the provided markers to write your name on your cup and use the same one all evening, because it saves us a little money thanks!) Ice is in the freezer, and bottles of soda are in the fridge.

We do have some select premium beverages and snacks for sale in the office, like Red Bull, YooHoo, Gatorade, ice cream, cheese sticks, etc. But everything inside the play areas is included FREE with your entry.

Yes, you may bring your own NON-alcoholic beverages in a SEALED container. And yes, you may bring your own food. Also, yes, you may bring an empty reusable cup/water bottle of your own to use all evening. (We thank you for that because it saves us a few pennies!)

We also have a limited number of blankets and towels available for use for free. Please do NOT use them for wax play! Also, when finished, please deposit them in one of the laundry hampers provided, thanks!

Q: What can I expect to see there?

A: That depends on what event you attend. Some of our events, like certain classes and demos, socials, munches, and coffee times are NOT play events, and you’ll see people there in street clothes socializing or attending whatever the class/demo is. If it’s a play event, the activities that you might witness can vary drastically depending on the evening. For example, on a rope night, you’ll have a different experience than on a night where it might be a general play night.

Q: What is the minimum age?

A: You must be at least 18 years of age or older to attend/join. You must present a valid government photo ID with your date of birth on it if you are a guest or a new member applicant, and at renewals. This is NOT optional. (Driver’s license/state ID, military ID, passport, etc.) Upon initial joining/renewal, we run EVERYONE through the USDOJ database of registered sex offenders and need to verify your age and legal name.

Q: I am het/gay/trans/CD/disabled/single/______. Am I welcomed?

A: We welcome ANY person who is 18 or older and agrees to abide by our rules, regardless of their gender, orientation, or identification on the LGBTQ rainbow, or their kink interests. (Provided they are NOT a registered sex offender.)

Please note: our staff does their best to properly pronoun and not misgender people. If you have a preferred pronoun and we are mistakenly using the wrong one, please let us know! Or if you have a preferred name besides your legal/dead name, please let us know that so we can note it. Thanks!

Q: How many women are there tonight?

A: Um, for starters, EW, that’s a creepy fricking question.

We are a private membership club, a kinky community center. We welcome newbies, but if you think you’re going to show up on any given night and immediately meet someone to play, you’re probably wrong. You need to start coming out regularly, meet people, let them get to know you. We can never depend on FetLife’s event “attendance” markers, because many people aren’t using FetLife any longer. We have had nights that started out really slow and picked up at 11:00 because people arrived from other events. We’ve had nights that started out packed, and people played early and then left, and by 11:00 it’s dead. And we have nights that are steady from beginning to end. We can never predict attendance.

Q: What about my safety? Will I be hit on every five minutes?

A: Contrary to misconceptions perpetrated in popular media, people who attend events are not at any greater risk than anyone attending public events. All new members are given the newbie talk where we go over rules, protocols, and expectations, so everyone’s on the same page. As with any social gathering, people might approach you to talk. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please immediately approach one of our volunteers to intervene.

Q: Do you have a dress code? What do I wear? How revealing must I be?

A: Some events are street legal/casual wear. (Check the event description for more info.) Some events have a “theme.” Theme nights (unless otherwise specified in the event description) are always optional, and we do not turn people away for how they’re dressed as long as they arrive street-legal. (And you’re not stinky because you haven’t bathed in a year or something. LOL) By “street-legal” we mean you must have the “pink bits” covered. Whether it’s casual clothes, or full formal fetish, or your leathers, or a sexy dress, or full latex (but seriously, summer in FLORIDA??), or shorts and a T-shirt, or you’re a cross-dresser, or you wear your unicorn onesie–we honestly do NOT care.

By “street-legal” it means you need to arrive covered in such a way that at the very least if you’re walking down St. Pete Beach it won’t get you arrested for indecent exposure. (Please do NOT take that as a “challenge-accepted” to show up in a Speedo or bikini. LOL)

HOWEVER, when you arrive and first walk through our office front door, please do NOT be wearing a mask/hood upon initial entry, or at least have it tipped up so we can see your face. Two reasons–safety issue for our staff and members, and we need to verify your identity before allowing you entry for the event/night. Once we’ve checked you in and have given you a wristband, feel free to run around in a full polar bear costume all night, if you want.

As far as regular play events, we ask everyone to either arrive in normal street clothes and change when you get here, or be covered up “street-legal” upon arrival. So, anything you feel comfortable in. Full fetish gear, to street clothes, to nothing at all. It’s all welcome once you’re inside. Fetish wear is admired, not required. We do ask if you are naked, or otherwise attired in such a way as your bare bottom might be touching furniture, that you sit on a towel.

Note that for non-play events and classes, the attire is usually street/casual clothes, and nudity is NOT allowed at events like munches/coffee times, 101 classes, etc.

Q: What about photography (outside of photography nights/classes)?

A: Outside of our special photography events, ABSOLUTELY NO photography of any kind is allowed without prior permission from management, direct supervision by a DM during the photography, and immediate review of the photos by a DM before the photographic device is allowed to be removed from the premises. Anyone caught taking unauthorized pictures or video will have their device immediately confiscated by management, the pictures/video deleted from the device, and will be immediately removed and banned from the premises.

Q: Do you allow sex in your club? Is this a swinger club? Are you a sex club? Are you a strip club? Do you have private rooms?

A: NO.

We ARE a sex-positive club–we’re positive you CANNOT HAVE SEX IN OUR CLUB.

We do NOT allow sex in our club, and we are NOT a swingers club. If you have any questions about what activities are permitted and prohibited, please ask staff BEFORE you play.

We are NOT a sex club. We are NOT a strip club. We do NOT have paid performers/players, and we do NOT have staff performers/players. This is a private membership club. Please see the video we have posted with the tour of our facility.

Q: Do you have private rooms? Can I just drop by to look around?

A. No, we do not have private rooms. Please see our information page for a quick video tour of our facility.

Q: I saw someone playing and want to meet them. What’s the best way?

A: Being polite is always a good first step. If the person is not engaged in a scene or aftercare, simply ask if they can talk, introduce yourself, and talk with them. Don’t be rude or pushy. And if they decline to talk, or don’t want to play, please respect that.

Q: Do I have to play? Is it mandatory?

A: No and NO! Never allow yourself to be drawn into a situation where you will be uncomfortable. Forget the nonsense you’ve read in books about uncollared submissives being grabbed and forced to play. That DOES NOT HAPPEN. Think of it as a kinky bar…without alcohol. You might have someone approach you and want to talk. And like in any other normal social situation, if you’re uncomfortable, either disengage from them, or approach a staff member to intervene. That’s what they’re there for. Some people only come to watch or socialize with friends. Participation is never required. We view ourselves as a kinky community center.

Q. I’m looking for a pro-Dom/me.

A. Sorry, we do not work with any pro-Dom/mes, and we do not give referrals or recommendations. We also do NOT provide play partners for people. This is a private membership club.

Q. I am a pro-Dom/me and want to attend.

This is a private membership club. You are welcomed to join and become a member, but you may NOT use our facility for commercial BDSM activities. Our rules prohibit commercial/pay-to-play/professional BDSM activities. Anyone found in violation of this rule will be ejected, banned from the premises, and their membership revoked, without refunds.

Also, while you are here, do not engage in business discussions about adult-related business, like trying to set up a porn shoot, or telling people you’re a professional Dom/me, etc. If you are approached by anyone with those kinds of discussions, please bring it to a staffer’s attention so they can take the person outside and go over the rules with them.

NOTE: You CAN discuss things like photography TECHNIQUES, things like that.

Q. Can you hook me up to play with someone? Do you have people on staff to play with? Can I join your staff as a Top/bottom?

A. Sorry, we neither provide play partners, nor do we facilitate hook-ups. Our staff is an all-volunteer staff, and we do NOT provide play partners. The best way to meet new play partners is to get out to community events (like coffee times and munches) and talk to people. It usually takes attending a regular event a minimum of three times before someone relaxes enough to actually start meeting and connecting with people. So don’t attend once and never return. Everyone was new once. The more you get out and meet people, the easier it is to talk to people. Do some of our volunteers play? Yes, because we’re all members of the club. But do not arrive with the expectation that you’ll be able to arrange for someone to play with you.

The bottom line is be courteous, and do not touch people, or possessions, that do not belong to you. If you have any questions, ask FIRST. NO means NO, and we are serious about that. If someone tells you NO, respect it. They do NOT owe you an explanation.

Our universal safeword is RED. If you need immediate outside assistance during a scene, call out MAYDAY. (Health issue, equipment failure, suspension going wrong, etc.)

Any edge play must be cleared with DMs/staff first to make sure we can accommodate it and to ensure your play isn’t accidentally interrupted mid-scene. We do our best to accommodate players and their scenes. (Fire play/fire cupping, knife scenes, medical play, etc.)

Clean all equipment immediately after use with the provided wipes, and dispose of all trash in the provided garbage cans. We provide a sharps container as well. (The sharps container is ONLY for sharps. We have plastic bags for gloves, gauze, etc.)


(Not a complete list of rules, and subject to revision/modification without prior notice. Follow a staffer’s directions.)

  • Players assume ALL risk for their activities.
  • If it’s not yours, don’t touch it. This includes people, implements, and other possessions.
  • NO means NO. It is a complete sentence requiring no further explanation. If someone tells you NO, please respect that. Violators of this policy may be asked to leave.
  • NO sex. For clarification of what activities are allowed and what is prohibited, please ask staff or a DM before play commences. (Yes, we MEAN it when we say NO sex. You will be removed and banned from the facility if you attempt to break this rule. Go have sex at home or in a hotel.)
  • NO alcohol. NO drugs. NO smoking/vaping inside the building or next to the front door or AC units, and please use the provided butt receptacle.
  • NO photography/videography/recording unless it is a special photography event or has been cleared in advance by staff and is directly supervised by staff. Violators of this policy will be banned.
  • NO cell phone/tablet use inside the play space areas during open play sessions. Please silence phone ringers and other devices. You may step out into the office or outside to use your phone/device. (You may have the phone in your possession in the dungeon, but you may not take it OUT. We have clocks on the walls.)
  • NO urine, NO feces, NO intentional vomiting as part of a scene.NO firearm/gun play (real or simulated).
  • NO breath play/choking/neck ropes or other restraints that can tighten. (NON-tightening ties that function similarly to a collar are allowed.) If a bottom is standing, do NOT attach anything to their neck other than a collar, and do NOT attach anything to the collar. (If their knees go out, you’ve just choked them, crushed their trachea, or snapped their neck.)
  • Any fire play, needle/medical/cutting play, wax play, or other similar play is NOT allowed in the Manor section (carpeted) and may only be done in the Dungeon section (concrete floor). Please notify a DM BEFORE you do a scene like that so we are aware of it and can make sure we have adequate DM supervision. It’s always a good idea to notify us EARLY so if it’s busy we can make sure you get your scene in.
  • We have a limited number of disposable plastic drop cloths available. If you feel you might need one, please ask staff before play commences. Any blood or bodily fluids must be immediately contained and cleaned up by the players following their scene. We have a sharps container for your convenience and disinfectant wipes. If you need other cleaning items, please ask for assistance.
  • Please clean any equipment you use immediately after play with the provided wipes, and dispose of all trash in the provided garbage cans.
  • Please be courteous and limit scenes (including set-up and break down) to 45 minutes. Please move your belongings away from a piece of play equipment immediately after you are finished playing so others know it’s available. Do not “stake out” a piece of equipment and leave your bags, because staff WILL move them.
  • If you are going to do more than one scene on a piece of equipment, conduct one scene, MOVE so someone else can use it (or check with the DMs to see if anyone else wants to use it) and allow someone else to have a turn on it. Or move to a different piece of equipment.
  • Please do not sit on or otherwise tie up play equipment unless you are actively using it for play.
  • Do not use our towels/blankets for wax play or to clean up bodily fluids. (We have paper towels if you need them, and we have rolls of paper and shrink wrap you can cover the tables with, just ask for assistance.) If unfamiliar with wax play, please read the posted instructions first and ask a DM for assistance.
  • DO NOT DOUBLE-DIP IN THE WAX PLAY STATION. (Eww.) Dip your wax into one of the provided foam cups and use that. Also, please do NOT cross-contaminate our alcohol bottles, peroxide, etc.
  • If nude, or your bare bottom is exposed, sit on a towel. Please put all used towels and blankets in the provided hamper next to the towel shelf.
  • Notify DMs/staff before conducting edge play. For play involving elements of fire/fire play, please make sure to take all safety precautions before play starts. (Some types of fire play are not allowed due to safety issues and facility/space constraints. Please ask us first what is and isn’t allowed.) Depending on the situation, permission for some types of play might be denied on a case-by-case or night-by-night basis. (We do our best to try to accommodate our members, but safety is our priority.) We might ask for you to delay your scene to allow staff/DMs time to prepare properly. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter in helping to keep the Phoenix a safe place to play. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us ahead of time to discuss it or to make arrangements in advance so we can ensure your play will go smoothly and safely.
  • NEVER leave someone suspended or restrained without direct supervision. (Meaning you are within arm’s length of them, NOT across the room watching them.) DMs/staff reserves the right to step in and free anyone they find unsupervised who is suspended/restrained. (If you don’t want those ropes cut, then do not leave your bottom unattended.) Offenders will have their membership revoked at management’s discretion depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Rope riggers, please keep safety scissors/knife/rope cutter handy for emergency situations. If doing a suspension and you need a safety spotter, please ask the DM to help pair you up with someone. We also have bolt cutters on hand.
  • If using the chains for suspension, only ONE bottom/person per chain, and please use mats under them for safety. Also, please don’t spin the chains.
  • Do NOT encroach, intervene, or otherwise interfere in someone else’s scene unless they specifically ask for your assistance/participation. People who disrupt scenes may be asked to leave. If someone calls MAYDAY that is an all-call for outside assistance to step in. If you don’t hear that, and you see something that concerns you, find someone with a name badge to bring it to their attention. (They might have told us their safeword for the evening is MEATLOAF and not RED.)
  • Please keep conversations on the social side of the spaces. Be mindful of where you’re standing so you don’t block others’ view of the play area or infringe on the play area.
  • The social areas are NOT for play. (And the play areas are NOT for socializing.)
  • Please leave Tops room to swing implements. If you are not involved in a scene, please do not impede the play of others, or stand too close to their play area. We have a social area for socializing. If you get hit by a Top swinging an implement, it is YOUR fault for getting too close. Think about it like track and field events–heads UP, or heads OFF.
  • Please refrain from intentionally cracking whips unless it’s a whip event. We appreciate your consideration (and so do your fellow players). During play events, we do not normally allow whips over 4′. (During the whip class, that’s different.) If your whip is over 4′ and you wish to use it during your scene, please talk to a DM first to see if we can accommodate you.
  • Please do not take food or open containers of drinks (except water) into the play areas. If food is needed for your scene, please make sure to clean up after your scene. NO FOOD-PLAY IN THE MANOR SECTION.
  • Please reserve couches for those needing to conduct aftercare. If couches are full, please give up your seat to someone needing it for aftercare. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Please do not leave your implement bags on the couches, or in chairs. Staff reserves the right to move items if seating is needed. We provide shelving for implement bag storage.
  • Please obey all instructions issued by DMs/staff.
  • Anyone going into the office or outside must be dressed or otherwise “street-legal” in their attire. (This means cover up the bits, thanks!) Even if just crossing through the office from one section to the other–YES, you MUST BE COVERED. Grab a blanket and wrap it around you.
  • Absolutely NO play is allowed outside or in the office area.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask our DMs/staff questions, or to ask for assistance, or to bring problems to their attention. We want all our members to have a safe and fun experience.
  • Management/staff reserves the right to amend these guidelines as needed without prior notification.

If you have any questions not covered by this FAQ, please contact us for more information.