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(July) Living in Leather @ Tampa Bay Phoenix Club
Jul 27 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
(July) Living in Leather @ Tampa Bay Phoenix Club

FetLife Event Link:

Cost: $3, members and non-members welcome. (18+)

Topic: Elevated Service

Do you have a fresh and shiny M/s or D/s Dynamic? Are Y/you currently struggling to blossom a delicate flower called a Power Exchange Relationship? Have you been in a Power Exchange Dynamic for years and lost some of the new car smell? Perhaps it is time to think about next level Service, or Stepping up the Game.

This introduction into elevated service will open up the doors to creative possibilities and provide access to the next tier of service in the power exchange dynamic ziggurat. Often times it is hard to create or plan anything above mundane service tasks or simple dungeon play sessions, but it doesn’t have to be that way all the damn time. Elevated Service is about taking the tasks and chores that are done in almost every dynamic and making them MORE, More exciting, More in Depth, More Meaningful, and just More plain ass fun.

If you have seen Sir Gethan’s girl float effortlessly across the dungeon floor performing a flawless service, all the while challenged with breath denying corset and 7 inch heels, then you have witnessed an elevated service. Please come and learn some of the tricks, tips and tools that Sir Gethan uses to get those elaborate and breathtaking results. Learn what you can do to add service to your dynamic and how to elevate that service to the next level!

There will be an interactive portion so get ready to Raise your hand or get Voluntold!

Pens and notepads encouraged.

Skill-Sharing and Mentoring.

Living in Leather Play Party

Living in Leather is an interactive Group on what it means to “live in Leather” and to “be Leather”

Led by Sir Lisa

Members & Non-members welcomed, must be 18+ years of age.
Non-play event. Parking and beverages are free at the Phoenix.

(Aug) Calling All Critters Roundtable Discussion (in the Manor) @ Tampa Bay Phoenix Club
Aug 3 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
(Aug) Calling All Critters Roundtable Discussion (in the Manor) @ Tampa Bay Phoenix Club

FetLife Event Link:

8pm – 9:30pm:

Roundtable discussion: $5

We will be having a round table discussion hosted by Conellus (aka pup turtle).

Topic: TBA

9:30 pm – 1am: Calling All Critters Saturday Play Party – MANOR

Tonight, in addition to our usual fun, we’ll also have a large section of mats down for the critters to romp on. So bring your handler and your favorite squeaky toys!


Roundtable Discussion: $5
Play Party: $15 members (gets you into both play parties)
$35 to join/renew (and we waive your nightly fee)

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Parking and beverages are FREE at the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club! 🙂