8pm – 1am

FetLife Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/732884

We hope you’ve been practicing because its time to get your rope on once again. This second Friday at the Phoenix Club we will be jumping straight into practical tying immediately after introductions and the safety brief. For this night we will be splitting up into 3 main groups.

101 Group:
All new people will go through the safety and negotiation worksheet before practicing the single and double column ties.

102 Group:
Will start with a quick refresher on the single column and double column ties for anyone having difficulties. On this night the group can choose between doing chest harnesses or weaving.

Advanced group:
Advanced riggers and bottom are encouraged to skill share and should consider this an open rope time slot.

If you have an awesome tie you want to share please come forward to one of the leaders to discuss arranging a time/date to demo to the group.

Pinellas Rope Group’s goal is to provide a safe low pressure learning environment to facilitate, educate and promote the art of rope bondage.

$10 members
$25 to join/renew (and we waive your nightly fee)

Is it your birthday this month? If you’re a current member in good standing, you can get in FREE if your birthday is this month. (Good only once per year per member.)

Not a member? Not a problem! Pay the $25 membership fee, have your nightly fee waived, fill out our waiver form and speak with one of our staffers. (Make sure to have a current photo ID with your date of birth on it. Must be 18 years of age or older. All prospective members and guests are checked against the national DOJ database for registered sex offenders.)
If you are renewing or attending for the first time, you MUST present a valid government-issued photo ID with your date of birth on it. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Parking and beverages are FREE at the Phoenix! 🙂