Saturday, August 20, 2016

We have a full afternoon of events!

Time: 5pm – 7pm

Blood Play 101 (aka the Bloodless Blood Play Class)

Cost: $10

FetLife Event Link:

Lady Voss and Conellus will be going over the ins, outs and pokes of bloodplay that will include needle play and artistic cuttings. The full safety aspects as well as some of the Florida law surrounding these types of play. The class will end with people being able to try some of the needle techniques taught with needles and pig skin.

No blood will be drawn during this 101 course so if you are curious about needles and cuttings but not so sure about the blood, feel free to join us. Join us in this class to get some insight on this fun and very personal type of play. Please note that this class is also our precursor to our 201 class where blood IS drawn so it is highly recommended to attend this one first as the 201 picks up right where this one leaves off.

Time: 8pm – 2am

Steampunk Play Party

FetLife Event Link:


  • $20 Members
  • $24 Guests/Non-Members

Tonight’s theme is STEAMPUNK! However you interpret that. Come dressed in steampunk style and save $5 off your entry fee.


If you bring a potluck nommy to share, you can save $5 off your entry fee.

(Discounts for members in good standing, and not stackable on top of discount voucher cards, thanks!)

August birthday? If you’re a current member in good standing, you can get in FREE if your birthday is in August. (Good only once per year per member.)

Bring One, Get One August Special!

For the month of August, if you bring a NEW guest to the Phoenix who’s never been before, we’ll give you a voucher for a FREE future entry! (You must be a member in good standing.)

Not a member? Not a problem! Pay the $25 membership fee, have your nightly fee waived, fill out our waiver form and speak with one of our staffers. (Make sure to have a current photo ID with your date of birth on it. Must be 18 years of age or older. All prospective members and guests are checked against the national DOJ database for registered sex offenders.)