Friday, January 8, 2016

8pm – 12am

FetLife Event Link:

MRE is back at the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club for more ropey goodness. For the record, ropey should be Webster’s Word of 2015, just sayin’.

MasterPhnx is going to present 2 upper body ties to get your creative juices flowing. There will be one that is more simple, the shinju (Japanese for pearl), a breast bondage tie that exposes and accentuates the breasts. The second will be a teppou or rifle tie that is a little more complicated for the rigger and much more stressful on the bottom. You can tie along if you like.

Then we will break off to do a 101 in the back for new folks and those needed a refresher and open rigging for everyone else.

The MRE 101 will include a detailed discussion on safety, a brief overview of the two major styles, a brief overview on rope types, where to buy, size and how much, then an introduction to the building block ties of rope bondage, single columns, double columns, and a couple of hitches.

Don’t forget that MRE is all about YOU, the community at large. If you need help, advice or have questions stop and talk to people. It is MRE’s mission to bring folks from just barely being able to tie their shoes to being highly confident in rope bondage. We believe that rising tides raise all ships and if we learn together our community will get much stronger. This includes your MRE group leaders or other folks that posted some cool ass pics on Fet, just make sure they are not in the middle of a scene.

All skill levels welcome, bring rope if you have it.

Following the MRE session (8pm – 9pm) you can stay for the rest of the evening (9pm – 2am) and tie and play to your heart’s content. (Some of you might have to stay if your riggers don’t untie you…)

$10 for members, $14 for guests, non-members.

(Not a member? Not a problem! Bring your valid photo ID, talk to a staffer, fill our our waiver, and pay the $25 annual membership fee. Easy!)