Saturday, September 5, 2015

5pm – 8pm

Poly Social Group Munch

Cost: $3 (Members and non-members welcome.)

FetLife Event Link:

This is a pot-luck, so please bring a dish to share. Members and non-members welcome.

Poly Pinellas, hosted by Poly Social, is an evolving discussion group aimed at those who practice or who are interested in practicing any form of ethical non-monogamy. While each meeting will be slightly different, they will all be focused on education and fostering a sense of unity. We hope to achieve this through community involvement and participation. Classes will be taught by respected members as well as professionals and will be followed with both small and larger group discussion – topics are chosen based on group feedback / interests.

All adults 18+ are welcome to attend regardless of sexual orientation, relationship status, ethnicity, or gender identification.

If you are new to the lifestyle or have any questions about the group, please feel free to message @IzzyTheTerrible or @Von_Supponnatime for more information.


8pm – 2am

Sadistic Rider Presents Violet Wands; First Saturday Play Party

Cost: $20

FetLife Event Link:

Topics will cover: why is it called the violet wand, safety, electricity principals, parts and attachments, methods of use/technique, medical myths, and demo of how to. Volunteers to see what it feels like are encouraged, from mild to wild!

Bring an item that you think will conduct electricity by touching someone while connected to the wand, make it weird or unique, use your imagination, and you can win one night’s entry at the Phoenix Club. One item per person, only one person will be selected. Sadistic_Rider will be the only judge, the club will donate the admission. (Must already be a current member in good standing.)

Sadistic_Rider (formerly harleymantampa) is a Floridian who has been active in the Florida Fetish scene for 16 years, and resides in Tampa. He is a Dominant sadist who is proficient in the mind-fuck, enjoys extreme whip play, rope bondage, and the study and mastery of all things violet wand. He has taught individuals privately and held classes on whips, florentine flogging, wax play, medical issues in the scene, and the violet wand. Sadistic_Rider has participated in the following events/clubs through the years as life allows: MRE, ALE committee member, rope dojo at the Woodshed, Phoenix Club, (former DM),The Web, Fetish Circuit, The Florida BASH, and the former Master’s Quest.

If September is your birthday month, come on out and the night’s free on us! (Must be a member, good only one time per year per person.)

RSVP before midnight Friday, Sept. 4, AND be one of the first twenty people through the door before 9pm, and get $10 off your entry. (Discounts can’t be stacked, sorry.)