Saturday, 3/7/2015

(5pm – 7pm) SUN, DAMM, Whips with Sir Richard (Free)

(8pm – 9am) Rev. Metalburner’s Liquid Nitrogen Demo ($5, or included if you pay to stay all night.) Doors open at 7:45

(9pm – 2am) Mz. Mandela’s Purple Birthday Party!. $20

Come party with us to help us celebrate Mz. Mandella’s birthday! If you show up wearing purple (since it’s her favorite color) you’ll get $5 off your entry fee for the evening. Bring a nommy to share, and you can get another $5 off.

Not a member? Not a problem! Come in, fill out our paperwork, talk to a staffer, and pay the $25 annual membership fee. (It’s that easy!)

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