Saturday, 2/21/2015, is a busy day at the Tampa Bay Phoenix Club!

Suncoast Pets, Ponies, & Primals Group

Time: 2pm – 7pm

Cost: $10 (or $20 if you’re staying all night)

It’s that time again! It’s time for Suncoast Pets, Ponies, & Primals group to have their monthly potluck munch and playtime. February’s meeting is our usual free-for-all playtime/socializing day.

Come on out and please bring a dish to share. We have kitties and puppies and ponies and primals — pretty much any critter (or non-critter) you want to be. We’ll have the mats down on the floor for pets and primals, and plenty of room for ponies, too. 🙂

Even if you are new to the group, feel free to come out and just talk and get to know the other members. Or feel free to come out and get totally geared up as your “animal” of choice! There will be mats on the floor for those who want to roll around (or chase toys) without getting hurt, and plenty of room for our ponies as well.

Whether you’re an “animal” without a handler, or a handler with an empty leash or lead, you’ll be able to join our group as well (and maybe make new friends in the process).

Please note: no full nudity, thanks!

Photo Policy: No photos, period, unless cleared with and supervised by one of our hosts.

Please RSVP on the FetLife Event Link:


Fire Cupping Demo with Dr. Prick

At 8pm, Dr. Prick will be doing a fire cupping demonstration. If you aren’t familiar with this technique, or would like to know more, you definitely want to be there.

DrPrick is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine and acupuncturist. His medical training includes (among other modalities) Fire Cupping and uses it in his private practice.


Joint Party With the Sarasota Society

Time: 9pm – 2am

Cost: $20

It’s a potluck party, so please bring a delish dish to share, and get $5 off your entry. (Couples, if you bring a really nice dish—we’re not talking chips and dip—you’ll each get a $5 discount.)

Now, how does the Sarasota Society Joint Party night work?

ALL members of the Phoenix ARE allowed to attend the night. You check in the way you always do, easy-peasy.

If you are a member of the Sarasota Society and NOT a member of the Phoenix, make SURE you check in with Rigger, RSVP to his event, AND follow his instructions about RSVPing to the e-mail address he lists. This way, you’re listed on THAT list, and we’ll check you in.

OUR Event Link for Phoenix Club Members:

Sarasota Society RSVP Link:

If you aren’t a Phoenix member, or if you’re not a Sarasota Society member, you can STILL attend. However, get here EARLY (right at the start of our evening) to fill out our application and waiver form, go through the application process by talking to a staffer, and pay your annual membership ($25) and your nightly entry fee is waived.
If you’re coming as the GUEST of a CURRENT MEMBER, you will still need to fill out our waiver form, and THIS NIGHT ONLY, you can pay a $20 entry fee instead of $24. (Minus the $5 if you show up with nommies.)