PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer open every Friday. Check to see that there is an event listed for that particular Friday before you make the drive! 🙂

Friday – 2/6:

(8pm – 2am) Play Party

It’s a Saturday on a Friday night! Get in for only $10 (members).

Since we’re going to be closed Saturday evening (2/7) because we’ll be partying over with the Florida Power Exchange gang tomorrow night ( we’re going to hold our Saturday on a Friday. (That’s called having our cake and eating it, too!) That means you can party for the Friday price, too! Only $10 for members, or $14 for guests.

Come help us warm up for Saturday night’s fun!

Not a member? Not a problem! Come on in and talk to our staffers, fill out the paperwork, and pay the $25 annual membership fee. (We really need an Easy button…)

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