Saturday, 1/31/2015 Schedule of Events

8pm – 9pm

Rhythmic Beating by Miss Rae and chris

$5 for the seminar only, or $20 includes the following play session. (The $5 will be given to our presenters to help defray their expenses.) Please note the start time and plan accordingly, thanks!


“Studies have shown that vibrations from rhythmic sounds have a profound effect… In shamanic traditions, drums were used in periodic rhythm to transport the shaman into other realms of reality… constant rhythm affected the brain… allowing the shaman to achieve an altered state of mind and journey out of body” (excerpted from

Experience how to use music as sadomasochistic play by becoming the instrument or the musician. Rhythmic Beating is a surreal way of pounding the beat into someone until both heartbeats are synchronized with the music. Discover the endorphin release, spiritual connection and cathartic release found through the pain and the pleasure. Learn about safety and techniques as everyone becomes a circle of pulsating exotic and erotic energy. This is a hands-on class where everyone will find the beat within as our collective energies crescendo to the rhythm.

9pm – 2am

Tribal Drumming Music Play Party. $20

Stay and play and use the techniques used in Miss Rae’s presentation, or come and play to the sounds of tribal drumming music. This is sure to be a vibrant, energetic play party you won’t want to miss!

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